As Was Foretold

Sing the praises of pork!Welcome, won't you?

Those two things I told you about yesterday? They're happening today.

In the case of Cinematic Titanic's live DVD of East Meets Watts, it's already happened. Those of you who prefer properly pressed and cased DVDs can order it here. If you're okay with the burn-it-yourself method, you can grab a download from EZtakes.com. I started my download at about 10 p.m. PST last night and it was finished when I left for work at 6 a.m. this morning, so it came through at a reasonable speed. Between an upcoming business trip and tonight's event, I probably won't get to burn and watch it until the weekend.

And speaking of tonight's event, in just a few short hours, my sister and I will be heading down to San Raphael to see the Rifftrax live broadcast. Not exactly sure what the subjects are, but from the hints they've dropped, I'm guessing it will include some sort of Mike Nelson vs. "Weird" Al cage match set against a backdrop of musical Christmas pork chops. If you haven't already, grab your tickets now. If you can't go tonight, it'll rebroadcast tomorrow. I'll drop by with some quick impressions tomorrow.