He Has No Bone of His Own

He likes to walkity-walkity-walk.Welcome, won't you?

The San Rafael theater's tape delay equipment apparently malfunctioned, so my sister and I rushed down to the Sequoia Theater in Mill Valley instead, arriving with only two minutes to spare. Rifftrax Live was hilarious as expected. It differed subtantially from their previous show in that they favored substance over style this time around.

The interstitial material was all but non-existent--some introductions, a couple of shout-outs to a contest winner in the balcony, and a trio of early twentieth century toy commercials that have, um, not aged well. Let's just say that at some point in our nation's history, a child could watch, wide-eyed, while a large toy robot pushed a small toy robot (named Ding-A-Ling) into his, uh, I'd better stop there.

The other eighty minutes of this ninety-minute show is all riffin'. The first two shorts are repeats, and we've seen the gift exchange skit from the closing credits as well, but the vast majority of the material is new, and all but two of the shorts are Christmas-themed.

"Weird" Al Yankovic joins them to riff on one of the non-Christmas shorts, a hallucinatory little number in which the members of a close-harmony trio play three roles each to teach us the wonders of pork. Also noteworthy is the last short, a forties cartoon version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which contains a moment so pricelessly unsettling (and Kevin's reaction so pricelessly shocked) that the riffers lost three lines to the audience reaction.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's playing again tonight. I'll post a full write-up in the Events section next week.