Speaking of Live DVDs...

Where's Mike's nose whistle?Welcome, won't you?

A DVD of August's live broadcast (featuring special guest stars Veronica Belmont, Jonathan Coulton, and Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka) has been released. I already own one copy of Flying Stewardesses and two copies of Plan 9 from Outer Space, plus I was present at one of the live broadcast locations when it happened, but it was so much fun, I'll probably pick this up as well. Get it here.

Also, I watched the youtube sample of Cinematic Titanic's live performance of East Meets Watts last night. In the "pro" column, the movie looks deliciously goofy. (Someone uses the word "honky" non-ironically. Really.) The commentary is hilarious, and the live audience boosts the energy level significantly without stepping on the lines. The movie's picture quality is superb. In the "con" column, audio quality is not great. It's not bad--you can clearly understand every word they say--but it doesn't have the pleasant clarity of a studio production. Hopefully, watching it on a DVD instead of youtube will clear this up at least a little. Also, it looks awkwardly staged. The riffers are all peering over one another's shoulders towards the camera, and at some points they're more brightly lit than the movie. If the camera stays in that position the whole time, it might turn out a bit distracting. Overall, though, I think the pros are stronger than the cons. I was going to purchase one for review purposes anyway, but on the strength of the sample, I think I can recommend this one up front, at least to people who enjoyed their prior releases.