A Triumphant Sort-Of Return to Sort-Of Television

Not the grass skirt kind.Welcome, won't you?

The Satellite News has already posted this, but it seemed noteworthy enough to repeat (along with links to the corresponding reviews). Five episodes of MST3K are now available to watch, free of charge, on Hulu. Hulu, for the uninitiated, is a site that streams movies and television shows on the web, funding itself the old fashioned way--with the occasional commercial break. The MST3K episodes in question are as follows:

Episode 402 The Giant Gila Monster
Episode 419: The Rebel Set
Episode 421: Monster A-Go-Go
Episode 504: Secret Agent Super Dragon
Episode 612: The Starfighters

I'm a bit curious about the thought process that went into the selection of Monster A-Go-Go and Starfighters. Were these the only other two episodes to which they had rights? Given the opportunity to expand the show's audience, I might not have chosen two of the dullest, grayest, most incomprehensible films ever to receive the classic riffin' treatment.

Hard to go wrong with the other choices, though. I can't say that any of the above are among my favorites, but Giant Gila Monster, Rebel Set and Secret Agent Super Dragon will certainly provide any discerning viewer with a good time. Head down and watch.