Tenemos Dos Maletas Mas

I want Venezuela on my desk by Friday morning!Welcome, won't you?

I bet you were expecting a Return of the Jedi review today, weren't'cha? I do have one in the works, but in the meantime, the Satellite News recently brought a distressing oversight to my attention. Namely, my failure to include a review of the direct-to-video MST3K short Assignment: Venezuela in this guide. This has now been rectified. I apologize to everyone for any inconvenience caused by my delay.

In other news, Cinematic Titanic's San Francisco Sketchfest performance of Danger on Tiki Island takes place one week from today. I've got my ticket, do you? (Have your own ticket, I mean. You can't have mine.)

In still other news, Bill Corbett will be performing one of his plays in that self-same Sketchfest tonight. Late notice and prior commitments prevent me from attending, but if you're in the area already anyway, go check him out.