American Thrift: The Next Generation

Stay away from meee-heee!Welcome, won't you?

Greetings all,

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am now taking an unplanned one-week break from reviewing. For those few dying of suspense, I can tell you that I have seen The Alien Factor, and fully half of it is people walking precariously across fields of snow. Thankfully, the other half is hilariously bad acting and deliciously cheesy monsters. So, while it's not the funniest Cinematic Titanic thus far, it's still an enjoyable experience. (I hope) I'll have a full review up next week sometime.

In the meantime, Rifftrax returns to the shorts game with the back end of American Thrift. Here's the review for Part 1, in case anyone's forgotten what it was about. My prior experience with these two-part riffs leads me to predict that American Thrift, Part 2 will make even less sense. Grab it here.

Of note: Part 1 featured guest riffer Veronica Belmont. Part 2 is just the guys.