RVOD095 Call It Free, Part 2

(1950s-ish, Educational-Short, color)


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

You have a well-packed shaft, sir.

Rating: **1/2

In a Nutshell:

Something about a cartoon demon in your radiator.


He's explaining how to do an automotive exorcism.Last time, as you remember, Ditzy Dame and Abusive Husband were on their way back to the service station to yell at the Avuncular Manager (also the narrator) for performing unwanted repairs. In the beginning of Part 2 Abusive Husband arrives at the station and starts to rant. Avuncular Manager talks him down with a lot of mechanical jargon, summoning a red-bosomed cartoon radiator demon named Captain Jinx. Ditzy Dame pipes up with some nonsense about buttons, after which the situation is somehow resolved.

In the recap, Avuncular Manager addresses the audience, reiterating his determination to “Call it free.”


Call what free, exactly? From the way he talks, it’s pretty clear that Avuncular Manager thinks we already know, but I’ve seen this thing all the way through a couple of times, and I’m still not sure. That present he’s waving around? The unsolicited mechanical advice? The true name of his obese carmine familiar? Hard to tell, really.

It’s kind of sad, because Part 1 looked like it was building up to be a useful little customer service short. If you look back at that that review, I speculated that it was working up to a “Be nice to your customers, even when they’re idiots” philosophy. Now that I’ve seen the ending, I realize that I should have been solving my customer service disputes with infernal evocation.

A few favorite comments: When the narrator introduces us to Captain Jinx, Kevin says, "He's always obese, mean and nude." After we've been staring at the multi-platformed radiator diagram for a while, Mike says, "Sometimes Donkey Kong likes to roll barrels through here." Near the end, Bill sums up what we've been able to glean from this short's nonsensical half with, "Service isn't free. In fact, it's very expensive." There's nothing specifically wrong with this half of Call It Free, but oddly enough, it was more entertaining back when it made sense.