Show Attended; Sleep Debt Incurred

True to the promise of the previous post's poster, dismemberment was plentiful.Welcome, won't you?

I saw Cinematic Titanic last night. This left very little time for sleep before I had to get up for work today, so bear with me if this post seems a bit less than coherent.

Pre-show-wise, we saw Gruber do a very funny Highlights Magazine routine, Frank's reprise of Convoluted Man (my favorite routine from their last show), and more jokes than I expected there to be about century-old politics.

Danger On Tiki Island was no Blood of the Vampires, or even East Meets Watts, but was fun to watch. It had dismemberment, mild nudity, and a monster that Joel described as "the Michelin man after a fire." We also saw a mutant moth kick a grown man's ass. Keep in mind that this was no Mothra; the mutant moth in question was a normally sized and proportioned moth prop on a string.

A full event report will be posted either tomorrow or early next week, depending on how much opportunity I get to catch up on my sleep debt tonight.