Stars Leemoid, Huggy Bear and Curly Joe

I think I'm standing in something.  (sniff)  Yeah, Baltimore.Welcome, won't you?

I'm a little slow at the trigger here, seeing as how this went live at EZTakes at nine p.m. last night, but the federal government has spent most of the day training me on how to follow their rules or retroactively pay the price if they ever decide what those are. Less confusingly: state agencies should follow the rules we think they might make at some point in the future, if we know what's good for us. In layman's terms: my brain is a pot of gray porridge right now. So, cut me a little slack is what I'm sayin'.

What am I sayin'? I'm sayin' that Cinematic Titanic's take on The Alien Factor is now available for download. Or, if you prefer your DVDs professionally pressed, the CT folks have got you covered there too. My download ought to be complete by the time I get home. Review to come.