Rifftrax Video On Demand 091 to 100

RVOD091 Three Magic Words

RVOD092 Parade of Aquatic Champions

RVOD093 American Thrift, Part 2

RVOD094 Molly Grows Up

RVOD095 Call It Free, Part 2

RVOD096 The Story of a Teenage Drug Addict

RVOD097 The Following Instructions Game

RVOD098 Little Lost Scent

RVOD099 An Aquarium in Action

RVOD100 Mr. Moto Takes a Walk

This section has a couple of "lasts." The last two shorts from the 2009 Rifftrax Live Christmas Show. The second halves of the last two two-part shorts. The best one by far is Three Magic Words, the musical pork short from live show. Little Lost Scent and Molly Grows Up are both fun as well, despite their fixation on the subject of malodorous discharge. Also, the Rifftrax people reach 100 Video on Demand titles. Granted, that's just according to my particular method of counting and my particular definition of what constitutes "Video On Demand", but still, it's an impressive feat.