RVOD098 Little Lost Scent

(1955, Educational/Short, b&w)


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

He’s gone mad with power. Gregory, you monster!

Rating: ***1/2

In a Nutshell:

The adventures of Gregory the baby skunk.


Gregory the overly entitled skunk baby.Gregory the baby skunk lives with his mother and many, many siblings somewhere out in the American wilderness near a farm. As the “rugged individualist” (narrator’s description) of the family, Gregory likes to wander off on his own a lot. One day his mother doesn’t recover him fast enough, and Gregory is free. He meets (read: brutalizes) bear cubs, cats, geese, a dog (whom he sprays) and a tractor before his mother finally tracks him down.


Are all nature programs pointless and meandering by, well, nature? Do the good ones somehow overcome this inherent shortcoming to impose a narrative on the wild kingdom’s vastness? Do you think maybe I should wait until more than four of these have popped up in the Rifftrax Video On Demand catalog before making such a sweeping generalization? At least there’s action in this one.

A few favorite comments: Though the narrator goes to great lengths to play up Gregory’s secret weapon, after several stink-free fights Mike says, “Why does he need a secret weapon? He’s absolutely dominating without it.” Bill narrates another fight with a cat with, “I can haz battle to death with skunk baby?” The funniest moments don’t come out of specific lines, but out of the extended routines, like Bill’s angry Mafioso skunk monologue, and the baby skunk crowd patter provided by all three riffers. Near the end Mike sums it all up with, “Gregory is a lawless psychopath who sees what he wants and takes it.” So yeah, it’s a pointless, meandering nature short, but it’s a pointless, meandering nature short filled end-to-end with baby skunk battles and funny commentary. I should have had you at “baby skunk battles,” but the funny commentary goes in the plus column too.