Something I Forgot to Mention Yesterday...

They're going to FLY, FLY FLY!Welcome, won't you?

The 2009 Rifftrax Live Christmas show has been released on DVD for the low, low price of $14.95. Reasons to buy it:

1) Weird Al.
2) Hilarious old toy commercials.
3) The running gags make more sense when you see the shorts in order.
4) Audience participation increases the riffers' energy level substantially.

Reasons not to buy it:

1) Weird Al not in it very much.
2) Besides the toy commercials and minor contributions by Mr. Yankovic, there's not much to the presentation beyond the shorts themselves, studio versions of which are already separately available.
3) In a couple of cases (specifically for the non-Christmas shorts) the riffing's easier to follow without the audience messing up the timing.

If you haven't bought the shorts already, it's a no-brainer. Go pick one up right now. If, like me, you went to the show and then bought all the shorts when they came out, well... Looking at the pros and cons, I think the pros come out slightly ahead anyway. I'll probably be adding this one to my Christmas movie library fairly soon. Grab it here.