Fern-Pocahontas-Gully With Wolves in Space

Hey, it's the Blue Man Gr... oh, what's the point?Welcome, won't you?

The big news today is, of course, the simultaneous release of the Avatar DVD and the Avatar Rifftrax on Earth Day. (Pick it up here.) The Rifftrax guys already used the Life Day/Earth Day joke on their site, which is good, 'cause it relieves me of the obligation to do it myself. The obligatory Smurf and Blue Man Group jokes are in the alt text of the graphics above and to the right of this text. And now I'm all tapped out. I'm genuinely curious about how they'll fill two and a half hours worth of plotless alien jungle footage.

In the event that you'd rather see panty-peeping ghosts than cerulean monkey-cats in bikinis, we have Janet Varney and Cole Stratton's riff of Poltergeist, which was much better than I expected it to be. For one thing, I actually enjoyed a well-made horror film. For another, Cole and Janet keep it funny and unobtrusive without getting buried by the film, always a challenge when riffing a genre classic. Review here.