Gregory the Overly Entitled Skunk Baby

Gregory don't need no stinkin' stink.Welcome, won't you?

Did you know that skunks are horrible, relentless bullies? According to Little Lost Scent, even a baby can wreak a swath of terror and destruction through the forest with nothing but his claws, teeth and anal glands. According Bill Corbett, they are also mobbed-up Italian immigrants. Review here.

Also, don't forget to show up tonight at six p.m. PST to test Rifftrax's new servers by watching Mike, Bill and Kevin riff Mr. Moto Goes For a Walk streaming online. Admission is $0.25. Grab your pass here.

Update: I had earlier reported that the short would be performed live. This is not correct. The studio version will be streamed over the internet at 6 p.m. PST tonight.