Shorts, Shorts, Shorts, Shorts, Baked Beans and Shorts

Suggested Future Compilation Titles: Shortsapalooza, Shortszilla, Arnold Shortsenegger, Norman Shortskopf, Some Enchanted Shorts-ning...Welcome, won't you?

Rifftrax has released two new DVD compilations of shorts for $9.95 each. Buy Shorts-A-Poppin' and Rifftrax Plays With Their Shorts together and get two free downloadable shorts. "Two free shorts of your choice," it says, but it doesn't say if you have to choose from past shorts, or if you can save your credit for future shorts. Grab them here.

Edit 5/26/10: Apparently it's a $2 credit to your Rifftrax account, able to be applied to just about anything. Thanks commentor Tony! (see below)