Rifftrax Video On Demand 111 to 120

RVOD111 Watch Out For My Plant

RVOD112 Values: The Right Thing to Do

RVOD113 Family Teamwork

RVOD114 Pearl of the Orient

RVOD115 Individual Differences

RVOD116 Whatever the Weather

RVOD117 Building Better Paragraphs

RVOD118 Are People All the Same?

RVOD119 Mealtime Manners and Health

RVOD120 Things Are Different Now

Pearl of the Orient's the best of this section, with hilarious condenscenscion and the actual, oblivious depiction of cockfighting. There's lots of Seventies free-form education here too, with Are All People the Same, Family Teamwork, Watch Out For My Plant and Things Are Different Now. And, if you like boredom, you can always partake of the grandeur that is Building Better Paragraphs.