Real Life Interrupts

It's prime coop-paintin' season.Welcome, won't you?

As much as I would like to have provided continuous, uninterrupted review coverage, sometimes a road trip followed by unexpected home repairs overlapped with the nastiest flu I've had this year will put me a little behind. Here's a review for Decisions, Decisions, the short that asks: Do you still need to befriend the weird kid if he's really, really weird? What's the acceptable weirdness threshold?

In the meantime, they've released Library World, which sounds like some sort of Pagemaster/Cool World amalgam starring Kevin Costner, but probably (hopefully) isn't. Also: The Fad Diet Circus, which is probably about my former college roommate's refrigerator (i.e. full of dripping red meat and nothing else). I'll get to these as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, a piercing sinus headache kept me away from last night's Rifftrax Live show. I hope to catch the rebroadcast next week.