Rifftrax Presents 011 to date

RP011 Die Hard

RP012 Tron

RP013 Ghost

RP014 Running Man

RP015 Batman Forever

RP016 Planet of the Apes (1968)

RP017 Footloose

RP018 Ghost Rider

RP019 Poltergeist

RP020 Armageddon

RP021 The Lost Boys

RP022 Jaws 3

Having gotten the ball rolling near the beginning of this project, Kevin and Bill now fade back to Rifftrax proper, leaving the Rifftrax Presents commentaries with entirely non-former-MST3K-cast-members. Joining Matthew J. Elliott (riffing an eclectic mix of Action, SciFi and Action/SciFi) and the Varney/Stratton combo (noted proponents of eighties cheese) we have Jonathan Coulton/Paul & Storm, Blame Society and That Guy With The Glasses. Of these, Blame Society (creators of Chad Vader) most match my own taste in humor and movies, but everyone puts up a valiant and funny struggle against their cinematic opponent of choice. Lots of worthy entries here, but if I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to go with Ghost Rider.