The "D" Has Long Since Slunk Away From the Title In Shame

They're so happy about their imminent deaths.Welcome, won't you?

I just got back from sailing the San Francisco Bay with a bunch of fifth graders, and boy are my arms tired. That sentence, while true, makes no sense as a joke, but ought to reveal a lot about my current state of exhaustion. Fortunately, my father has never offended a powerful shark dynasty (as far as I know), so the event was entirely marine predator-free.

See what I did there? I shouldn't be as proud of that segue as I am; I suspect I'll regret it after a good night's sleep. In any case, Janet Varney and Cole Stratton will delve back into their beloved 1980s for the next Rifftrax Presents, Jaws 3. To be released October 8, 2010.