Not Sure Why It's a Meme

SpartaaaaArgos!Welcome, won't you?

"Release the Kraken!" Liam cried in the deep, portentous voice that made him a star. Yes, it was silly, but not any sillier than the rest of the movie. If anything, Neeson's delivery made it more dignified than most of the other lines, reduced as they were to incomprehensible mush by Sam Worthington's emotionless growl.

Anyway, the commentary's good, but Clash of the Titans itself is duller than drying paint. Review here.

Also, if you thought that pig short's title was delicious wait'll you see today's offering. Don't Be a Bloody Idiot comes to us through Rifftrax by way of Australia, where it's apparently kosher for educational films to swear at their students right in the title. I'm looking forward to it. Grab it here.