Hail Hubcap, Full of Grace

And here I thought the Wachowskis had cornered the American Market on tedious fantasy kung fu.Welcome, won't you?

I'm away from my computer for two seconds... er, four days, and the internet happens without me. I'd be upset if the issue wasn't so trivial.

Anyway, here's the rundown:

1) Here's my review of Values: Understanding Ourselves, a short that, ironically, doesn't appear to understand itself.

2) This Youtube video outlines the Rifftrax Master Plan through early December. Release day riffs for The Last Airbender (November 16, 2010) and Twilight: Eclipse (December 4, 2010). More big announcements for December have been hinted at... Well, you probably ought to just watch it yourself. That date for The Last Airbender release is tomorrow, by the way.

3) Strategy First finally has a passing mention of Darkstar on one of its revolving ads. For right now, it's listed as "Coming Soon".