RVOD144 Courtesy: A Good Eggsample

(1976, Educational/Short/Children/Animation, color)


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

Thanks again for the really imaginative name!

Rating: ***

In a Nutshell:

Depicts sentient, stop-motion eggs in bowties.


Eggbert and his mom.  I'm guessing mom's name is Egglentine.Like a good little egg, sentient egg Eggbert collects the paper from the front lawn and returns it to his egg mother in front of their egg-shaped house before heading off to egg-shaped school in an egg carton school bus.

Sentient egg classmate Benedict, however, is not a good little egg. He shoves others out of the way to cut into line and won’t move over to let people sit by him on the bus. At school he lingers outside after the outdoor flag ceremony and doesn’t make into class in time for the indoor flag ceremony. At recess he steals balls, pushes people out of the way to run up the slide...

He falls off the slide, and runny egg white starts to ooze. The other egg children can only stand around and mock him, glad that the bully has finally gotten his comeuppance. Eggbert, however, gathers him up and takes him to the nurse. After school, Benedict emerges with a bandage over his crack. He tries to cut into the bus line, but Eggbert glares harder than any eyeless object has a right to glare. Chastened, Benedict goes to the back of the line. On the bus, he moves over to let Eggbert sit beside him.


How about that playground accident? Despite the oddity of this absurdly egg-centric world and the meandering nature of the short, the filmmakers do a halfway decent job establishing the sentient stop-motion eggs as analogs of human beings. So watching one lose that much fluid at once is kind of disturbing. Courtesy is that important, folks! Be nice to people, or no one will help while you’re bleeding your guts out.

A few favorite comments: As Eggbert strolls quietly down the street, Kevin gives him an inner monologue. “Which came first?” he asks, “the chicken or the me?” While multiple flag ceremonies drag on, Mike urges the students, “Remember the egg martyrs who died in the mess kits at Normandy!” Bill notes the odd, noodling music with, “Soundtrack by a ferret on a Casio.” Throughout, the riffers imagine the whole short as a work of Batman villain Egghead. The short is bright, colorful, bizarre, and, sadly, mostly empty. The riffers fill the spaces where they can, and the result is reasonably amusing.