Santa vs. Bunny vs. Punch vs. Judy

This poster has higher production values than the film itself.Welcome, won't you?

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny has been released. Grab it here. In preparation for viewing I've been practicing my suspension of disbelief all day. Fearing that this would not be enough, I've also been suspending my expectations of quality, as well as my desire for traditional narrative. Sometime tonight I'll find out if I should have been suspending more.

Edit: If giant Floridian lagomorphs don't pack enough punch for you in the holiday cheer department, Rifftrax has also released Santa Claus' Punch and Judy, a heartwarming Christmas tale about disturbing puppets that beat each other over the head. Grab it here.

Also, Darkstar has finished downloading. So far I've only fiddled with the settings and, uh, am I wrong, or is the resolution really fixed at 1024x768? What is this, 1999? More later.