Further Adventures in Rifftraxery

i.e. The Second Repackaging of Karate Kid I.Welcome, won't you?

This thread (and embedded video) announces the three Rifftrax to come, er, after the two that were announced previously.

First we have Highlander, in which Freddy Mercury wails while immortal Europeans slice off each others' heads.

Second, Karate Kid 3, in which they remake the first one in Okinawa--wait, that was Karate Kid 2. Number three was when they remade the second one using the first one's setting.

Thirdly, Birdemic, currently a legend in internet/film convention circles. It possesses a formidable, Room-esque reputation.

One would assume they're listed in order of release, but I'll hold off adding them to the guide until actual release dates are announced. Inception riff coming tomorrow, kids!