I Am a Terrible Fanboy

Snagglepuss gained some weight and got strung out on smack.Welcome, won't you?

Yes, it's true. I'll turn in my fanboy badge at the local chapterhouse. Just look at all the things I've missed:

1) Rifftrax Live in San Francisco on Thursday. Mike won't be there, but Kevin and Bill will, along with special guests Paul F. Tompkins, Adam Savage, Maria Bamford, Janet Varney and Cole Stratton. I won't be going because of the late notice. (i.e. It was too late for me to arrange a trip down there by the time I noticed.) But maybe you can! Check it out here.

2) This video, posted last Thursday, announcing the first new full-length Rifftrax of 2011--Inception on Febrary 1 and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on February 15. Also, two new DVD shorts collections on January 25, 2011. I guess they're Pooping Monkey-approved?

3) A new short, released today. It's called Courtesy Counts a Lot, and it looks like more hallucinogenic animated manners mayhem. Grab it here.