RVOD148 Remember Me

(1980s-ish, Educational/Short, color)


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

He has a femur collection, doesn’t he?

Rating: ***

In a Nutshell:

Various service representatives ignore, harass and otherwise mistreat a customer.


He will make us all pay.Nondescript Guy is a regular customer at his bank, grocery store, garage, etc., but no one remembers him. The teller always checks his signature. The mechanic never gets his car done on time. The checker closes her line and walks away, even though he’s been standing there waiting for several minutes.

It’s like this at work too. The copy repairman is always several days late, and then doesn’t finish fixing the problem for days after that. When Nondescript Guy points this out, the repairman blows him off like it’s no big deal. When he travels, Nondescript Guy has his auto reservation misplaced, his hotel clerk refuses to serve breakfast, and then the airline ruins his luggage. Nondescript Guy finally snaps, letting out his fury with a slow-motion roar at the baggage carousel. No one pays much attention.

Nondescript Guy gets the last laugh, though, badmouthing his inattentive mechanic to another random guy at the gas station. The random guy thanks him and drives off. Afterwards, Non Descript Guy rewards an attentive gas station attendant with an oil change appointment.


I saw Remember Me near the beginning of my brief and inauspicious career as a Customer Service Representative at a Sears Call Center. MST3K was still on the air at the time. I had just become a fan, so when Non Descript Guy finally let out his yell of slo-mo frustration, I couldn’t help but remark, “This is when he becomes The Incredible Hulk.” A few people chuckled. I don’t think the trainer was one of them.

Sears did its best to train us well in the ways of customer pleasin’ actually. Too bad they never gave us any authority to do so. If you’re only allowed to say “no”, a customer will find your sympathetic tone small comfort. It felt a bit like being trained with body armor and rifles, only to be dropped on the battlefield with a loincloth and a length of string.

So yeah, the short. People can’t remember Nondescript Guy? I find that hard to believe. He’s just so memorable, with his average looks and his quiet demeanor, his inward promises to never forget every tiny injustice... I can’t believe I didn’t see the rather creepy undertones the first time I saw this, actually. He’s got “belltower sniper” written all over him. Any halfway decent customer service rep would have been eyeing him nervously every time he walked through the door.

A few favorite comments: When Nondescript Guy reluctantly shows the teller his driver’s license, Kevin says, “Your name is Dogballs McQuack?” When he says doesn’t always complain, Mike adds, “I just add them to my dark list of pain.” When he declares that “All banks are the same,” Bill says, “Except the ones run by nudists.” In the end, the commentary keeps pace with the short, but Nondescript Guy is pretty nondescript despite his sociopathic tendencies.