I suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to break up my father's company.Welcome, won't you?

What I learned from Inception.

1) Leo DiCaprio's a lot easier to take seriously now that he no longer looks like a giant baby.
2) Christopher Nolan's films aren't especially riffable.

The riff and the film are both great tastes, but they don't quite taste great together. Maybe the guys will prove this thesis wrong next week with a gut-busting send-up of The Machinist, but I doubt it. Review here.

Also, new short! This one's a customer service training film called Remember Me and, heaven help me, I think I remember it. The screenshot they used in the graphic caused painful flashbacks to the beginning of my very short career at the Sears customer service center. I'll find out tonight if I'm right. Grab it here.