RVOD152 The ABC of Walking Wisely

(1959, Educational/Short, color)


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy

How are they any different from the G, I and K walkers?

Rating: **1/2

In a Nutshell:

Don’t run into the street or accept rides from strangers.


The walking alphabet begins with J.A narrator runs us through different kinds of walking children. She starts sat “J”, who doesn’t use the crosswalk. Also, there’s “G”, who doesn’t pay attention while he’s not using the crosswalk. “I” doesn’t pay attention in a slightly more self-absorbed manner while not using the crosswalk. “K” goofs off while not using the crosswalk. “Y” tries to hitchhike with one hand and flips off his friends with the other, while not using the crosswalk. X is dead because he did not use the crosswalk. Really, the only kind of walker to be is an “A” walker, which seems to involve using crosswalks. And installing a bar between your knees.


You thought I was kidding about that, didn't you?We just covered this territory a few shorts back in the much funnier (and far less helpful) Walking to School. The ABC of Walking Wisely has the same basic advice, and doesn’t hesitate to repeat it endlessly while pretending it’s different each time. As an educational film, I found it more instructive if only because it doesn’t try to soften the potential dangers of running into the street or getting into a stranger’s car. As an entertainment product, it’s quite a bit duller.

A few favorite comments: When the narrator instructs us not to look up or to the side while walking, Bill adds, “Gaze forever downwards; the world around holds nothing for you.” Several letters in, Mike says, “Just then, they’re crushed by AT-AT walkers.” After we’ve seen the same couple of kids walk through the same landscape several times, Kevin says, “Bob and Betty, with only 488 laps left to go...” The riff/short combination was okay, but not as funny as the previous walking short. I’m not sure if I felt that way because it was less funny, or because I felt like I’d seen it before.