Rifftrax Video on Demand 141 to date

RVOD141 Unto the Least of These

RVOD142 Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

RVOD143 Santa Claus' Punch and Judy

RVOD144 Courtesy: A Good Eggsample

RVOD145 The Being On Time Game

RVOD146 Basic Job Skills: Handling Daily Problems

RVOD147 Courtesy Counts a Lot!

RVOD148 Remember Me

RVOD149 Walking to School

RVOD150 Improve Your Pronunciation

RVOD151 Basic Job Skills: Dealing With Customers

RVOD152 The ABC of Walking Wisely

RVOD153 Vision in the Forest

The real standout here is that full-length Christmas theme park special, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. The review is in the regular Rifftrax section, but since it's only available as Video On Demand, it seemed appropriate to mention it here as well. Shorts-wise, the best of this lot are a pair of animated courtesy films, A Good Eggsample and Courtesy Counts a Lot. Santa Claus' Punch and Judy and Unto the Least of These also deserve special mention, for horrible child-friendly racism and flagrant misappropriation of tax dollars, respectively. A handful of job training shorts rounds this section out, but are perhaps better avoided; shorts that aren't condescending and insane don't seem to bear riffing well.